Green Our World Industries

GOWI AG places worldwide the exclusive importer rights of VDI technology, VDI industrial plants, as well as the  VDI operator licenses, OVZ raw material recovery licenses and OVZ product licenses.

An area of approximately 45,000 square meters of industrial land is required for the construction of a VDI industrial plant. The VDI industrial plant consists of 12 fully automated VDI industrial modules and 48 reaction containers with a capacity of 3 tons each. Of these, 12 reaction containers are in the active process, 12 reaction containers in the cooling, 12 reaction containers in pre-heating, and 12 reaction containers in emptying and refilling.
With 340 days per year full capacity utilization in a three-shift system, a processing of about 60,000 tons of input per year is guaranteed. There are ten types of VDI industrial plants to choose from for the material treatment of raw materials with the following input.

1. Type

VDI Industrial Plant used tires

2. Type

VDI Industrial Plant rubberized chain links

3. Type

VDI Industrial Plant conveyor belts

4. Type

VDI Industrial Plant old cars, carbon composites

5. Type

VDI Industrial Plant contaminated OVZ Carbon

6. Type

VDI Industrial Plant E-blocks of the car industry

7. Type

VDI Industrial Plant computer scrap, electronic scrap

8. Type

VDI Industrial Plant bitumen

9. Type

VDI Industrial Plant plastic waste

10. Type

VDI Industrial Plant renewable raw materials

Depending on the type of VDI industrial plant, an OUTPUT of OVZ carbon, soot, steel or spring steel scrap, copper, aluminium, titanium, oil (benzenes, aromatics, limonene, etc.), cobalt, nickel, graphite, gas and other raw materials is produced in varying proportions. This OUTPUT is fed back into the material recycling cycle.

VDI Industrial Module

VDI Industrial Module of the material treatment of raw materials is CE certified by Swiss Safety Center AG

VDI Technology VDI Technology

VDI Industrial Plant

In close cooperation with the team of star architect Daniel Libeskind, the VDI Industrial Plants for the material treatment of raw materials were planned down to the smallest detail. The resulting VDI industrial plants work 100% CO2 free and will be ISO certified worldwide by the cooperation partner Swiss Safety Center AG.


OVZ Carbon Applications

OVZ Carbon Oil, Gasoline, Water Filter System


OVZ Carbon Thermal Insulation, Fire Protection