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GOWI AG Green our World Industries, initially founded as CMZ AG in 2003, was renamed into „GOWI AG Green our World Industries" in 2010. The company engages in research, development and planning of industrial plants for the purpose of exploiting materials such as used tires, shredded used cars, conveyor belts, reactivating of VDI Carbon as well as purifying contaminated soil and water. On 1. April 2010 the company was renamed "GOWI AG - Green our World Industries".

About 45’000 square meters of industrial area is needed to construct the VDI industrial plant. The plant consists of 12 fully-automatic VDI industrial modules and 48 reaction containers with 3 metric tons capacity each. 12 of the reaction containers are actively in the process, 12 reaction containers are in cooling down mode, 12 reaction containers are being warmed up while 12 reaction containers are being discharged and recharged.

By running the plant 340 days per year in a 3-shift system at maximum capacity, around 60’000 metric tons of input per year can be processed. There is a choice of five types of VDI industrial plants, depending on the INPUT material:

● 1st type: VDI industrial plants for used tires
● 2nd type: VDI industrial plants for gummed chain-links
● 3rd type: VDI industrial plants for conveyor belts
● 4th type: VDI industrial plants for shredded used cars
● 5th type: VDI industrial plants for contaminated VDI Carbon from oil spill disasters

The OUTPUT of VDI Carbon, soot, steel and spring-steel scrap, copper, aluminum, titanium and light crude oil and gas in different amounts depends on the type of the VDI industrial plant. The OUTPUT is then again put into the material recovery cycle.

GOWI AG is currently placing the exclusive importing rights of VDI Technology, VDI industrial plants as well as the VDI operating licenses and VDI product licenses worldwide.